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French Macarons made by Divino Gelato Café’

Our wonderfully delicious French Macarons are made with almond flour, and pure whole ingredients for the flavorings, and a rich buttercream filling. They are gluten free, 60-80 cal per cookie they are made in our Divino facilities in small batches and are individually hand piped and filled. This lends to somewhat variable sizes, and colors.

They can be kept frozen for 3 months for gift giving. To freeze, put in a double ziplock bag. They will be ready to eat between 10-15 minutes after taking out of freezer.

They are best eaten within 6 days after purchase, when kept in refrigerator.

They can be left out on counter for up to 24 hours.

Best eaten at room temperature

French Macarons are a delicacy and are very fragile.

Handle with care! We ship

For pick up orders,

we need a one-week notice for any specific flavor. For orders we will need a payment in full at time of order

For shipping, we will take the order and make them on the following Sunday or Monday, and ship the following day. We do not want the macarons to sit in transit over the weekend, so please order 7-10 days advance of getting the product.

Orders cannot be less than 12 cookies, for ordering in advance.

Specialty flavors or colors will be a minimum of 24 may or may not be able to be made, so it will be at the Managers discretion, and may need additional time

Shipping and handling prices vary based on location, however,

the rough estimate is $25.00

For a customized cookie, flavor or color, there will be an additional $10, and a minimum 24 cookies. Please email for details or questions


Birthday cake – blue and /or pink shell with sprinkles, and a vanilla bean filling

Razzle dazzle raspberry- raspberry shell with a chocolate raspberry filling

Blue Teaberry – blue shell with a youth berry tea filling (a light fruity flavor with notes of floral)

Mocha- light brown shell with a dash of espresso with a chocolate espresso filling

Double Chocolate – dark chocolate shell w/ drizzle, with a rich dark chocolate filing

Orange cream- orange shell with a light to medium orange cream filling

Pistachio – green shell with a dash of pistachio sprinkled on top with a Sicilian pistachio filling

Chai Tea- light beige shell with a dash of cinnamon with a chai tea filling

Passion– yellow shell with a bright reddish /orange passion fruit filling

Rose petal- a light pink with a light pink rose buttercream filling

Lavender- a splashed purple shell with a light purple Lavender filling

Purple monster peanut butter- a deep purple shell with a brownish creamy peanut butter filling

Special holiday flavors:


Pumpkin spice- a beige/orange shell with dash with a beige pumpkin spice with beige pumpkin spice filling

Spooky birthday cake- a purple and orange cookie with black vanilla filling


Snowman birthday cake- a white shell cookie with face with a vanilla cream filling

Candy Cane Cookie- a white cookie w/ drizzle red chocolate and powdered sugar

With a candy cane chips and peppermint filling

Gingerbread- a brown cookie with dash cinnamon with gingerbread flavored beige filling


Fruity Pebbles- a white cookie with dash crushed fruity pebbles with a vanilla fruity pebble filling


Lemon- a light yellow shell with white or very pale lemon-yellow filling

Strawberry- a darker pink shell with strawberry darker pink filling

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